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Here is the studio which has been working since 1998. We perforate body and we still are developing the level of our services. Not only we perforate common parts such as tongue, eyebrow, navel but we also pierce called “ surface bar” and we do” micro dermal implant”

Many factors influences on healing process.

Rate of healing strictly depends on individual’s regenerative abilities. However, proper care is necessary in case to avoid infections and complications. Following our advices which refers to care and protection after piercing will help you to avoid unwanted complications during the time of healing and probably will shorten the time of healing process. :

  •  Time of healing pretty depends on your nutrition habits. Primary, your diet should consists of proteins which are needed to build tissues. Only in the first week you can also use supplement such as zinc. Further using you should consult with doctor. Daily dose is for female: 75 mg and male: 150mg..

  •  To avoid infections and ferries try not touch the place of perforation, wash the surface with saline. Using products with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide is banned because it can slaws dawn the healing process.

  •  To remove dirt from the rings and the place around the perforation use the warm water, cotton gauze/cosmetic stick. Cleaning agent put in jewellery and wound , move it front and back. Leave the cleaning agent for approx.. 3 min. and then wash the place of perforation and move the jewellery once again. Clotted substance created by the lymph, remove every day otherwise bacteria can appears.

  •  Approx. for 3 moths avoid heat baths, staying in rivers, lakes and swimming pools because it can be sources of bacteria and infections. You mustn’t remove the jewellery before reaching complete healing process.

  •  For 3 months avoid hot water and protect the wound against contact with salvia and other body’s fluids.

  • Contact with different other cosmetics can increases risk of infections.

In the field of piercing sterilization of tools and their protection is very important. It is a process which have to follow strict safety rules and hygiene standards. That’s why our studio is only one in Grater Poland Voivodeship has autoklaw B class which represents high quality which is for sterilization not only smooth surfaces but also ragged ones. This kind of device guarantees 100% of sterilization. Additionally we are under monthly control conducted by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station.