Dominik Szymkowiak

Born in 1978.

Tattoo artist, Piercer, owner of the Art Line studio.

My adventure with tattoos I began in 1968. One year later I have started to work with art professionally. I have thought that time that I knew everything about that. Nothing could be further from the truth. Long time it took me to find a proper way. I was looking for my own style and developing the technical skills. Finally in Poznań I could find my interests – photorealism, colored art. What I do love to tattoo?
Full compositions such as plants, animals, portraits – which are quite challenging. Mirroring of all details, similarities, eyes in which we can see the flash light.
What more..?
You will find more in my gallery. Since 2000 I do piercing as well which is very tempting and supports our offer in Art Studio.
My additionally interests: I like photography, 3d graphics, music production and I ken on reading books.