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Tattoo and Diabetes?

Diabetes are not allowed to do tattoos. This group commonly have problems with wound healing what has influence on quality of the tattoo. We cannot guarantee desiring effect for this group. Among diabetes complications appear very often and there is a risk of catching bacteria and viruses. Those symptoms can be acquired in healing process. Even when we will try to care about sterilize conditions in studio we are not able to fully protect diabetes from consequences.

Tatto and allergy

Allergy appearing depends on colorants quantity implemented into the skin and size of the tattoo. Needles which consist of Nickiel can also lead to allergies. Both tattooist and client cannot predict the organism’s reactions. You need to remember that every environmental factor can causes allergies. Nowadays allergic reactions are popular that is why you should be aware about possibility of unwanted allergic effect.

HOW sunbathing influences on the tattoo?

Tattoo doesn’t like tanned skin. When it comes to tattoo tan is not allowed. Sun incredibly destroys the skin so we can’t do tattoos on such a skin. When you have your tattoo finished try to avoid sunbathing because it cases defects on the skin. When you want to have beautiful and permanent tattoo use a cream with high protection (SPF 20)


Yes we don’t make tattoos or piercing when you are not eighteen even if your legal guardians or parents allow you to have it.

Can I remove my tattoo? Does you studio has opportunity to remove tattoo?

Yes we can remove it , we have special laser which we use to eliminate your tattoo. Prices and time depends on curved surface of the skin, intensity of the colorant, depth insertion and individual features. We provide free attempt of using laser on your skin which will help us to evaluate quantity of meetings needed to remove tattoo and prices .

Can we use anesthetic ointments such as EMLA?

We don’t recommend using this ointment because we don’t know how it react with colorants and how it influence on the treatment process. Also all proces will be so much longer than efect if asesthetic ointment. This medical specifics we recommend in case we remove tattoo using laser technique.


We don’t send examples of tattoo. Every tattoo we make individual for our clients, model is made during session before tattoo and this is effect of cooperation artist with client. In case big tattoo examples necessarily are earlier consulting. Any time you want we invide you on colsultation with tattoo artist where you can discuss your idea and get answer for your question.


Often asked question for people who want to make tattoo for the first time. Truth is that – everyone has own threshold of pain sensation. There is no doubts about it that there are places more painful than others such as for instance: skin on foot or ribs.

What about price?

Price depends on the surface covered by the tattoo and patterns of it. The more details located close to each other the bigger tattoo should be made. We highly recommend meeting with us in case of exchanging ideas and designing pattern of your tattoo. It is the best option to confronting your idea with reality and valuate the price. It is possible to send us by e-mail attached photos of your ideas on the base of which we will tell you more about the surface of tattoo and  price.

 Price of big tattoos for ex. sleeve and back we determine on the base of the number of sessions necessary to make tattoo.

Should I register for meeting earlier?

Yes, you have to book term of session, you should make reservation personally or via mobile phone.

Can I cover the scar by tattoo?

Yes,  you can cover scar by tattoo, maybe we will match it to the pattern of the tattoo and you will forget about having it.

It is required to have scar for few years. Fresh scars can cause deformation of tattoo.

Can you do corrections an coverts of tattoos made in another studio?

You should consult it with us or send the tattoo by e – mail to us. Corrections of somebody’s work depend on quality and level of artistic tattoo. Cover also depends on the tattoo which you want to cover. In case of dark and too big tattoos you’d better firstly book the sessions of removing tattoo with laser and then we will try to make a new one In this place.

Are there special recommendations during the time of healing?

First- hygiene and care. Tattooist gives you instructions. During healing period approx. for two weeks you have to resign from solarium, sauna, gym and physical activity. You have to avoid sweating because it can leds to inflammation and destroys tattoo.

Is it possible to catch unwanted diseases during tattooing?

There is no possibility because we strictly follow hygienic standards which protects as well tattooist as you. Everything is for single use and every tips are sterilized in autoklaw, monthly Sanitary and Epidemiological Station controls our’s hygienic conditions.

Can we take for piercing our own rings and jewellery?

No, we use only rings which we have in our studio, thanks to this we are sure that rings are sterilized and is no risk of infection.