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Z miłości do sztuki od 1997r.


Sterilization and protection of the tools are of paramount importance. It is the process which must follow the strictest safety rules and hygiene standards.

“Additionally we are monthly controlled by the Sanitary Epidemiological Station (SES)”


Is the most advanced steam sterilizator. Obeying the rules of sterilization standards hardly influences on the quality of procedures. It requires using disinfectants, unique and expensive tools and special equipments almost every day. It is necessary to provide professional tattoos and piercing services. All tools and materials undergo through systematic, controlled sterilization processes by Stericlave 18B (Cominox). Its work is monthly checked and accepted by the Sanitary Epidemiological Station (SES). This device meets all polish and european standards about medical tool’s sterilization. What distinguishes Stericlave 18B (Cominox) from other devices is fractional vacuum preliminary.(norm – EN 13060) Total air removal we can obtains after sequence of vacuum impulses and stem injections. Presently it is the most common and effective technique among others available providing sterilization of each products also these deep and long ones. Other devices have problem with this. Process of sterilization causes that all bacteria, fungi and its forms are demolished..


For disinfection also we use special bactericidal lamp which disinfects the air even when people are in the room because the lamp doesn’t have harmful influences on them. When the air goes through the UV ventricle guaranties constant and high level of disinfection. It is dedicated to laboratories, surgeries, hospitals, corridors, tattoo’s studios and congested places


It is useful for preparing sterilization’s tools in paper and foil sleeves. It is the most effective method for packed tool’s sterilization. It works immediately and long time according to EN 12791.

Ultrasound’s cleaner:

It is a new technology of cleaning by ultrasounds. It provides quick and effective cleaning. Ultrasound’s energy reaches the hard to reaches places. The electric process of cleaning, thanks to liquid bubbles penetration cleans all nooks and crannies.